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Anfim Pratica 1

Will this survive?

I know, I said it. The Anfim Skody was the kind of grinder that could be wedged in the back of your Landrover or VW Camper and taken to a festival for a weekends coffee making, not once but a hundred times. The boys and girls who worked those shifts and ground with those Anfim Grinders can feel rewarded for a number of reasons, particularly in the specification.

You may have noticed that over the last few years the dosing elements of Anfim grinders have become VERY similar to Mahlkonig. The good news is that the good bits have continued and the price has leveled out, which is “Peter speak” for not increased for what you get.

You may have read my little story about a K30 grinder? Sometimes I have ideas and I don’t know where to communicate them! I love seeing how older coffee making kit has survived by being loved or not and how well it has done.

OK, here we have the Anfim Pratica. This will be the easy option for most coffee shop owners as they will look at the price and buy an Anfim Pratica. This is almost the same as the E65 . The difference between the two grinders is that the Anfim isn’t quite as pretty and it has mass production burrs, which won’t extract quite as much as the E65.  I can see people reading this and sighing. £300 for looks and burrs? In ten years time, who knows what we will think! If you are brewing Simply Brazil or Formula 6 this grinder will be great. If you are looking at single farms and single varietals, then come and compare a Pratica with an E65 and an EK.

Come and try one in the showroom?

In the features department: Quiet, quick and clean. Grinding time is approximately half that of an Anfim Scody or Mythos One for that matter.

5 different grind settings, for a single shot, double, naked, or free-pour.

Super easy to adjust by micro points of a second.

Simple menus to navigate.

Once you have used this grinder for a while, you can upgrade to 65mm burrs that are in the E65. Then it kind of is an E65s.



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