• Mahlkonig E65s Espresso grinder.
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Mahlkonig E65

You may have read my little story about a K30 grinder? Sometimes I have ideas and I don’t know where to communicate them! This seemed timely as quietly the long-established grinder brands of Anfim, Ditting and Mahlkonig are subtly getting closer and closer together and looking back on a 10-year-old grinder is not something we all have time for.

I am now bringing you on to the all-new E65. Most customers will look at the price and buy an Anfim Pratica. The grinders are almost the same apart from one very important factor. The burrs for the E65 are handmade and will extract a different range of flavours. You also get a nice looking stainless steel shoulder and it looks every bit of the £300 more in value. I can see people reading this and sighing. £300 for looks? In ten years time, this will be pleasant to the eye and we will have seen so many of this generation. Think comfortable seats in your car or lights even? For me, if I had the little bit extra, I would (have and did of course) buy this model.

Come and try one in the showroom?

In the features department:

Quiet, quick and clean.

5 different grind settings, for a single shot, double, naked, or free-pour.

Super easy to adjust by micro points of a second.

Simple menus to navigate.



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