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The first trade post in a very long time! This is quite specific and I felt this was the best place for it to sit.

I have been writing a few things for home consumers, to let them know that coffee is still very affordable even in current times. We appreciate that professionals have another whole raft of expenses when making and serving coffee. My table below shows you how much a little bit of work with a set of scales can do.

Let’s talk about how much it costs to make a cup of coffee. I am going to take for granted that you have a functioning espresso machine at this point. Let’s have a look at the cost of making espresso with coffee at different prices and wait for it…volumes.

Coffee Cost per Kg Coffee per  18g 17g 16g 15g
13.5 0.243 0.2295 0.216 0.2025
14 0.252 0.238 0.224 0.21
14.5 0.261 0.2465 0.232 0.2175
15 0.27 0.255 0.24 0.225
15.5 0.279 0.2635 0.248 0.2325
16 0.288 0.272 0.256 0.24
16.5 0.297 0.2805 0.264 0.2475
17 0.306 0.289 0.272 0.255
17.5 0.315 0.2975 0.28 0.2625


Delivering value in the now.

We expect to pay about £3 for a cup of coffee now.  I am okay with that if it tastes good and is made well. Let’s look at typical cup size and value. I am going to work on the middle number above, randomly and milk at £1.10 a litre.

Drink Size Gross Cost Price Sales Price
4oz 0.31 2.85
6oz 0.36 3
9oz 0.42 3
12oz 0.53 3.25


More than ever here, I believe we must reduce the cup sizes and earn the second cup, otherwise, we are heading for a downward spiral in ingredients and an uncertain future. The 12oz cup either needs to be substantially more expensive or dealt with differently.