Tanzania Edelweiss Estate, Winey Process

Here is the first of a few interesting if not controversial coffee processes that we are bringing to brighten up your days. Each one of these coffees has a place where it will charm and excel but to the traditionalist, they might not please. Maybe we should have a Marmite alert? You may remember Neel’s Golden Honey experimental last year that was a real challenge to roast and understand when brewing. The reality is that when I ordered these coffees from Neel in January, they were slightly different, understandably. Oddly today, as a fresh arrival they have a slightly higher moisture content. How is that possible? It is and it is explainable but not wildly interesting.

This probably won’t be around for long, but don’t feel you are missing out as there will be other new and exciting coffees here soon. I have probably got enough whacky coffees to see us into 2022, if we get through them fast enough!

Top Trumps

Farm: Edelweiss Estate.

Farmer: Neel and Kavita Vohora

Area: Arusha Northern Tanzania

Process: “Winey” Experimental Anaerobic fermentation; where carbohydrates (mucilage sugars) are turned into acids.

Varietal: Bourbon, SL28 and Kent.

Altitude: 1620-1850 Meters above sea level

Cup potential:

|Aromatics: Infused | Body: Rich and syrupy| Acidity: Low and sweet|

When hot this is soft and curranty but not as clean as the fully washed, but that’s processing and time for you. Sugars like mead, berry notes, and on cooling a long citrus finish.

Roast: A medium-to-developed filter, not in a standard way.


Filter: This is as relevant as your water quality and burrs. We have been working on 60g a litre and upwards for filter

Espresso: 93/95C 30-35 seconds. How far you choose to hydrate this will be as much down to freshness and your taste. I usually start with 16/17g into 45g and if I think there is more to come; then I will stretch it. This coffee is great in espresso, possibly better than brewed. The acidity is more plummy and it is just delicious as a long black.

Farm Info’

Edelweiss estate is based on the slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest unbroken caldera (crater), a UNESCO world heritage site, and the haven for scores of wildlife including elephants, rhino, lions, and numerous antelope. The same family has held stewardship over the beautiful farms (of Finagro) for 3 generations. A mixture of an exceptional terroir, climate, and good farming practices have driven the farms to produce consistently exceptional coffees that are sustainable in production and in our environmental and social impact. Edelweiss provides sustainable and consistent employment for more than 500 members of the community all whilst living in harmony with the abundant wildlife found through the farms.





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