Suke Quto Triple Process Blend One Roast

Suke Quto is a private coffee farm from Oromia in Ethiopia. We have bought Suke as a really high-quality single farm, washed coffee for some years. On its own Suke has a distinctive and incredibly clean cup, indicative of its origin. It is organic, sweet, clean and consistent! Win, win.
Rather than roasting three profiles of the different processes from the same farm, which would be interesting for us and probably a single trainspotter (in an obligatory anorak) somewhere, we thought we could try tasting all of the elements together. This is roasted a little lighter than you might expect a triple process blend to be. By roasting this way we are trying to communicate that this is a celebration of a great coffee farm. This is a really easy way to enjoy all three processes, in one go. If you want to try the processes separately, talk to us.

In short, the washed process has less body, yet has more open, clean fruity notes with clean, sweet citrus.
The pulp natural element has more body and less sweetness, bordering on lemony.
The Natural element is ripe, sweet and a little boozy.
Suke Quto Farm is in Sidamo, Ethiopia
Kurume and Welicho Varietals
Grown 1800-2200 Meters above sea level.
The quality side of Suke Quto has also grown with the scale of the farm.
Filter Brewing: Dependent upon your grinder, its burrs and the condition of the water you are brewing with: 55g/ Litre upwards.
Espresso based drinks: Lighter roast: Longer extractions so target something like 17-18g of coffee into 30/35g (your preference). Longer shots / maybe into 45g for espresso, for me personally. IF you find this a little too bright, as some machines can run cooler than others, don’t be afraid to increase your brew temperature to 94C, if you can/ It will.

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