Brazil Sítio Maranhão

Brazilian Sítio Maranhão

Brazilian Sítio Maranhão

Some coffees have a very short shelf life, whereas Maranhao, just seems to change a little during the season. My guess is that the popularity of Maranhao increases as that “very-non-standard” Brazilian red-fruity acidity subsides and is replaced by more of that soft cocoa and chocolate.

It is always a privilege to recommend a friend’s coffee, with no exaggeration.

If you would like to see more about the farm you could check out their Instagram 

I also wrote a little bit on our blog here.

Now my job. To introduce this complex and delicious single-farm coffee to you, which I am completely involved and biased about!

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Farm: Brazilian Sítio Maranhão
Farmer/family: Jose & Claiton Delgado,

Region: Caldas, Minas Gerais, South Minas

Process: Pulped Natural

Varietals: Red Catucai and Yellow Catucia

Roast: One Roast

Altitude: 1100-1200 Meters above sea level.

Cup Potential 🍜

|Aromatics: Chocolate, malty and a promise of Fruit| Body: Creamy (buttery)| Acidity: Curranty|

Aromatically, you just know this (the second part of the season) is going to be more chocolatey than the first. From the off this old favourite is chocolate fronted, with a promise of red fruit. This is gentle on the palate. Dark chocolate and cocoa dominate, with a sweet white fruity finish. It could be easy to forget this was harvested a year ago and has held incredibly well in parchment. On cooling the fruit is shy, but very much “there”, amongst the cocoa and chocolate. As the coffee nears ambient, little red fruity tannins remain as a reminder of what new crop juiciness lies ahead.

60g of coffee per litre is a great place to start.

Espresso Recipe for this roast:

Depending on the milk you use and your cup sizes, you may wish to ignore the following! This is my go-to recipe for Brazilian Sítio Maranhão.

Base Brew temp: 93-94C

Dose: 16-18g

Milk-based drinks: 19g coffee in 32g (ish) in about 28+ seconds

Espresso: 16-18g of coffee 40-50g espresso liquid 30+ seconds

This is where the juice is. I am struggling to find fault in this.

9oz milk-based drink: This is like drinking maltesers.

 6oz milk-based drink. This is just a lovely balanced, delicious chocolatey number with a little fruit in there.

When brewing this super-fresh, you might want to make the shots a little shorter in liquid volume.

Farm Stuff

Sitio Maranhao is a small farm, not far from the entrance to Pocos de Caldas, in Minas Gerais. The move to specialty coffee has been over recent years and is painstaking work. The coffee harvest is only part of the years’ work. As soon as the harvest is complete there is a whole host of other things to attend to, but at least the workload reduces a little. Between Claiton and Jose, they are ingenious and very resourceful, making systems where they re-use motors for different parts of the coffee processing.

All of the pickings are selective, meaning that every bean that you buy has been picked by a member of the Delgado family when it is ripe. There can be 4 or 5 passes (pickings) across the harvest, none of the automated machine scale here. On top of this, I doubt a harvester could even make it up the steep, steep slopes.

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