Rwanda Musasa Dukunde Kawa, Nkara Filter Roast

Right on time, here is our third and a final lot of delicious Rwandan coffee for this season. This lot will be around longer than the last that disappeared before most people got to taste it.

To keep things simple, Rwandan coffees are an easier drink than many Kenyas. This may sound like a sweeping statement, however, a combination of varietal(s) and also the time from harvest makes a big difference in what happens in the cup.

Mill: Musasa Nkara

Region: Ruli Sector, Gakenke District of Northern Province

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Altitude:1800-2000 Meters above sea level

Process: Fully washed and dried on raised beds

Roast: Light Filter

Flavour potential: Aromatically this coffee is big on apricots. As the liquor cools a little, the citrus dominance seems to dart from grapefruit to lime and then to orange with the apricot theme running through until there is a little milk chocolate. Just sweet and delicious. How you brew, as in water and grind quality will make a difference. This is extractable as an espresso with the right tools, however we have enjoyed it most as a filter.

Recipe: I have been brewing this from 60-65g per litre and had great results.

The Musasa Dukunde Kawa cooperative has three washing stations lying high in Rwanda’s rugged northwest. Nkara – the cooperative’s third washing station – was built by the co-op in 2007 with profits earned from their first two washing stations, Ruli & Mblima and a bank loan. The washing station lies at 1,800 metres above sea level and serves farmers within the Ruli Sector of Rwanda’s Northern Province.


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