Peruvian Finca Nogalniyoc Filter Roast

National Finalist?

When I first cupped this coffee, it was a dark miserable November evening and I was alone in the roastery. This was one of “those moments” that I just wished I could have shared. This table is from P E R U? Since this point, all of those months ago, many lots of coffee have come and gone, but that moment and this coffee are souvenirs! Reminders of how little I know, until I experience it.

This lot was a national finalist and scored well, however not in the top 20 of Peru 2020. In my opinion, the coffee is light and delicious but not 100% as good as it was in November.


Country: Peru

Farm name: Finca Nogalniyoc

Owners; Ederson Melgarejo Huaman

Department:  Carmen Alto, Yanatile, Calca province,

Province: Cusco region

Farm size: 5 Hectares

Altitude farm: 1785 meters above sea level.


Main Harvest period: Mid-July to Mid-August

Cup potential:

Aromatics: Chocolate and stonefruit | Body: Light | Acidity: apple and nectarine.

On opening, this is reminiscent of fresh, clean apple juice, with a little citrus linger. On cooling, the apple subdues and citrus and golden fruit sugars, fuse together, making a soft, delicate citrus liquor.

Roast level: Light-Medium Filter.

Back story

Ederson inherited 5 hectares of land back in 2000. Wisely, he was driven to grow coffee that was coveted and valued within specialty coffee, such as Typica, Bourbon, and Gesha. There are local support projects, that have showed Ederson how to process his coffee better. Thanks to these initiatives, Ederson has been able to build his own small facilities to process coffee. He also has a polytunnel with raised beds and tanks for fermentation.


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