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Peruvian Finca Aladinos

Finca Aladinos has always been really popular with our customers. There is a unique flavour profile that is beyond my ability with words to describe how the combination of processing, terroir, and varietals just stands out. This coffee to me is one of balance and as soon as we go live with it, I am sure it will make its way (to my) home very soon.

We have had a few requests to get Aladino back, as it is just one of those really easy-drinking and seductively sweet coffees. I didn’t take much persuading to buy this.


Country: Peru

Farm name: Aladino

Owners; Aladino Delgado Perez and Rosa Burga Vasquez

Department: Cajamarca

Province: Jaen

District: Chontali

Farm size: 14 Hectares

Altitude farm: 1870-2100 meters above sea level.

Varietals: Caturra and Tabi

Process: Fully washed  Drying: Dried in a solar dryer.

Temperature: Approx. 20-25° Celsius during the day and 10-12° Celsius at night

Soils: Loamy clay, with an arable layer of 30 to 40 cm deep, presence of gravel, pH neutral, and presence of an abundance of organic matter.

Main Harvest period: Mid-July to Mid- October.

Roast: Medium Filter

Cup potential:🥣

Aromatics: Delicate and sweet | Body: medium | Acidity: Soft and low|

From the get-go, this coffee is deep, ripe, and sweet. As soon as the coffee is drinkable there is a sweet acidity comparable to dried apricots. Soft sweetness, like boozy pears, with a satisfying citrus twist on the finish. Sweet caramelised sugars. On cooling, the acidity fades and the rich, deep fruit sugars and the subtle citrus linger. This is such a great filter.

V60: This is very rewarding in V60, but doesn’t offer me what full immersion can.

Espresso: This is extractable in espresso. It can be great in milk too, however. For me, this is so good and so complex in a filter, that it lost much of its subtlety in espresso.

Back story

Aladino (as in Finca Aladinos)  and Rosa. The name of this micro-lot could also be that of a fairytale, and the location of their farm is definitely magical. Only a couple of years ago, Aladino and his father Urbano Delgado started to plant the coffee varieties on their farm when they heard that the best specialty coffee producers in the region were growing; Caturra and Tabi. In 2002, CENICAFE in Colombia introduced the Tabi cultivar: it is a hybrid of Bourbon, Typica, and Timor. One of the most important attributes is its resistance to coffee leaf rust, but it also displays the good cup quality characteristics of its Bourbon and Typica parents. The fun fact is that ‘Tabi’ means “good” in the Guambiano language, spoken by the Guambiano indigenous people. The farm is simply called ‘Finca Aladinos’ because friends and family who would visit him would say ‘Vamos a la Finca de Aladinos’, ‘let’s go to Aladino’s farm.’ “And we just keep using that name”, he explains. Aladino then tells that he is the second-generation coffee farmer on the land. Previously, a certain part of the farm belonged to his late father, who left him to inherit a bit of land. But his father was also the person that gave him a base of knowledge of coffee cultivation. And thanks to that knowledge and his growing passion he got opportunities that he could never have dreamed of visiting other countries such as the United States and Japan. But Aladino has not stopped learning, he aims to improve his process every day.


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