Peru Finca Los Silvas

Peruvian Finca Los Silvas

Peruvian Los Silvas

I know that we shouldn’t have favourites as such, but I just love this lot. By the time this goes live for retail, there will not be many bags left.


Los Silvas

Country:                   Peru

Department:           Cajamarca

Province:                    Cutervo

District:                       Callayuc

Community:               Sector El Campo

Number of growers:              5

Average Farm Size:               8 hectares

Varieties:                   Caturra and Bourbon

Altitude farm:           2000 meters above sea level

Main Harvest period:          July – September

Processing:                Fermentation of 48 hours. Washed

Drying:                          On raised beds undercover.

Roast:                              Medium Filter.

Cup potential:

Aromatics: Citrus and a promise of acidity 😁 | Body: Light (tea)| Acidity: Bright, citric, and berries.

You may have got the idea that we just love variety in coffee. This is so different from  Corcovado. When hot, Los Silvas is vibrantly bright, with its fresh, limey citrus. It is almost like a new crop Kenya. As the temperature cools a little, there is a really delicate berry-like infusion with a citrus finish. On cooling, Los Silvas just gets sweeter, with the possibilities of lime, stonefruit, blackcurrant, and candyfloss.

Roast level: Light-Medium Filter.

Filter recipe: 60-65g per litre.


As with the Corcovado I wasn’t expecting this roast to work in espresso. For some of you, it still might not, as I am brewing this for longer and if your grinder has a narrow grind size range, this could be a challenge.

Recipe: 17g into 34g  (or just dry: wet 1:2) in 30-35 seconds. 93-94C for milk-based driks. 17g into 45-50g for espresso in 30-40 seconds.

If you, like me are a fan of the juicy side of coffee, this coffee will/ could make you smile too. Strangely high amounts of soluble make this light roast punch through whole milk with ease.

Farm Stuff:

Celestinda and Pepe Silva are first-generation coffee farmers. They started off with borrowing a small parcel of land from Pepe’s brother and have slowly grown their operation. Today the couple has 6 children and 10 hectares of fertile coffee-growing land.  Four of their offspring have their own families and coffee is the main income for all of them.

Alongside coffee, the family is quite well known for producing Yonque, a local drink made from distilling sugar cane.

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