Pablo Gaspar’s: Puhub’laj or “Owner of The Hill”.

This year we wanted to offer a wider selection of Guatemalan coffees. We started getting samples from mills and single farms from all over and ended up buying the largest amount of coffee from Huehuetenango as the cup quality just seems to be that bit better over-all. I have enjoyed this coffee SO much in profiling as the complexity of fruit is so tasty.

Owner: Pablo Gaspar Vasquez

Farm: Puhub’laj (Mayan for Owner of the Hill)

Region: Huehuetenango
Town: Concepcion Huista
Varietal: Catuaí, Caturra, Typica, and Pache
Processing: Washed, sundried on the patio
Size of Finca: 2.7 Hectares
Coffee produced: 7,000KG (avg. Year)
Elevation: 1,600-1,750 Meters
Rainfall:2,300 ml
Temperature: 10 – 25ºC
Water Supply: Natural Spring Water
Shade Trees: Inga and Gravilea

Cup Potential: Aromatically this coffee reminds me of cake baking and baked currants. Broadly speaking we could say summer fruits, as there is a multitude of fruits, such as raspberry, blackberry, red currants, some brown fruit sugars, a little sherry note, and a grapefruit finish. This is a perfect summer filter with just so much going on if you want it to.

Recipe. In filter, we are brewing this (pretty much as normal) 60g per litre and decreasing the volume of coffee with the increase of water in the recipe. ie 2 litres 55g/litre and so on.

Roast: Light filter.

Pablo is a second-generation farmer, who selectively pics his coffee with a high-quality result. Pablo’s father bought the farm some 30 years ago and the goal is progressively to produce better quality and market his coffee.

“Thanks to coffee I am able to take care of my wife and our children. We are able to provide our children with their studies and a better social life and it’s because of producing coffee”, tells Pablo.



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