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Organic Turmeric or Matcha

You may wonder why we have put chalk and cheese so close together, if not under the same heading? It’s not because they are both organic, it’s actually because they are lost sheep on the website without their own area, so we (OK my fault capital “I” ) decided that they could live together in their own little space.
Both products are in our trade offering (as a service) and have gained popularity in recent times. The Turmeric Chai is with ginger and if you are really into what this can do for you, probably should be infused with chili and or black pepper, but that could be a whole journey of weirdness for some good folks. In proper egotistical fashion (capital) “I” have made these with dairy milk, however many other plant-based liquids may look and taste better to you.
This Matcha is produced in China and very similar to the teas I have tasted, used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Fresh, green, vegetative and tea like. There are health benefits if taken/ brewed in moderation. There is a healthy caffeine content.

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