Organic Peruvian Chuquibamba

Organic Peruvian Chuquibamba

Organic Peruvian Chuquibamba Community Lot

We have had some interesting dilemmas over the last few years, sourcing coffee from Peru. They have been as simple as the way we have found some great coffees, followed by how on earth can we keep the organic integrity of a coffee. It turns out that you really know who your friends are, when they make space for you in their container, with more than one origin.

I have really enjoyed this community lot. In terms, of brews, for me, this is just deliciously balanced filter coffee.


Country:                Peru

Department:       Cajamarca

Province:              San Ignacio

Location:             Chinchipe river valley

Varieties:            Caturra, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Costa Rica 95,

Altitude farm:   1500-1800 meters above sea level

Temperatures:   20-22° Celsius during the day and 10° Celsius at night

Main Harvest period:  Mid-July – Mid-October

Processing:        Fully Washed (24-30 hours of fermentation)

Drying:                  Dried on raised beds undercover for 15-20 days

Roast: Light Filter.

Cup potential: 🥣

Aromatics: Vibrant, fresh, and green fruity| Body: Becomes creamy on cooling | Acidity: Apple, kiwi, citrus|

In a cupping bowl: When hot, this was cocoa forward with some green fruity notes with caramel and citrus on the finish. On cooling, this is not wildly complicated. Some sweet green apple and kiwi, brown sugar, and a little citrus. This is great news! Simple, sweet, easy-drinking, clean-washed filter coffee.

Filter recipe: 60-65g per litre.

Back story:

Our Chuquibamba community lot is grown by organic coffee growers in the Chinchipe valley, situated in the province of San Ignacio (Cajamarca). The Chinchipe river is born right across the border in Ecuador and is a lifeline for most of the San Ignacio farmers. The river eventually flows into the Marañon which is the principal source of the mighty Amazon river.

The surrounding mountains are almost 4,000 meters above sea level. Most wildlife and coffee production is 2,000 meters and below.

Many of the farmers who produce this coffee either live (and work) in or are on the border of the natural sanctuary, which is a protected zone. Over 32000 hectares are protected for nature, to conserve a representative sample of the paramo ecosystem, which houses a high quantity and diversity of genetic resources of flora and fauna species, including endangered species.

Due to protecting the watercourse, and the environment only organic crops can be grown there.

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