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Organic Peru Kukipata

Organic Peru Kukipata

Organic Peru Kukipata

Here is our first Organic Peruvian of the season. If you wish to buy this as organic, please select the organic option and it will be roasted the next Wednesday. Alternatively, we will just roast it as soon as possible, without certification. We are trying hard to hold on to the first (non-organic) lots, but they have been really popular and are nearly finished already.  Organic Peru Kukipata is next because it is so different from all of the other lots.


Country:                                   Peru

Owner:                                    Efrain Hordonez

Department:                            Cusco

Province:                                 La Convención

District:                                    Incahuasi

Community:                              Incahuasi

Farm name:                             Kukipata

Farm size:                                3.25 hectares

Varieties:                                    Typica, Bourbon and Limani

Altitude farm:                           2200 meters above sea level

Main Harvest period:              August – October

Processing:                                  Washed

Drying:                                         Dried on drying beds for 15 – 20 days

Roast:                                            Relatively developed filter roast.

Cup potential: 🥣

Aromatics: Big chocolate | Body: Light, initially and buttery/creamy on cooling| Acidity: Soft sweet acidity.

On opening this a mouthful of really dark chocolate with a citric (limey) twist on the finish. Thankfully, as the liquor cools, the limey finish increases to a tipping point. Everything in the cup settles and sweetens there is a point where there is a Summery stonefruit opening, amongst the chocolate and lime. There is a lovely balance of fruit and acidity on cooling.

Roast level: Light-Medium Filter.

Filter recipe: 60-65g per litre.


Recipe: 17g into 34g  (or just dry: wet 1:2) in 30-35 seconds. 93-94C for milk-based driks. 17g into 45-50g for espresso in 30-40 seconds.

I am somewhat in love with this as both filter and espresso. The Espresso is bright, with lovely sweet citrus, unusually for a roast this light. When we put this in milk (up to 9oz) this is all of the variants of dairy and chocolate that you could hope for. Naturally, darker roasts would make this taste of darker chocolate.

Farm Stuff:

The name Kukipata comes from the Swahili to get, source, or find it. This is most likely all to do with finding the perfect parcel of land to grow perfect coffee. Situated as high as some of the very best high grown coffees in the world, on the slopes of Incahuasi mountain. . This is comparable to Ethiopia, Colombia, and just a little shy of some Bolivian highland plantations. At an elevation like this, coffee ripens at a slower rate. Efrain dries his coffee parabolically,  this effectively means dried on shelves in what looks like a polytunnel, it still takes 15-20 days. This environment is a good way to control humidity and also avoid getting drying coffee rained on, which can happen even in the drying season.

Effrain Hordonez is a smallholder farmer. This is our first season with his coffee and it more than stands up to the conventional coffees that we have had so far this season.

Lot 3 of 6 for 2022.

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