• Organic Honduras Los Cipreses

ORGANIC Honduras Los Cipreses Espresso

ORGANIC Honduras Los Cipreses Espresso

ORGANIC Honduras Los Cipreses

Please note that this coffee will be roasted on Wednesdays, as it is ORGANIC.

Honduras has become a bigger origin for us over the last few years. Big-bodied coffees that are chocolatey and nutty are a huge asset in organic espresso. Keeping coffees like Los Cipreses in our range has opened doors with Cafesmo and we have some incredible coffees coming. We have just started off with Las Quebraditas. and what a great filter that is.

Country: Honduras

Co-op: Cafesmo

Lot: The Cypresses 🌲

Owners: 260 smallholder farmers
Region; Mercedes Hills, southern Honduras (close to El Salvador and Guatemalan borders)
Process: Fully washed
Average farm Size 2-14 Hectares
Altitude: 1.300 – 1.550 mts

Varieties: Pacas, Obata, Parainema, IH-Café-90

Harvest: October, 2022 – March, 2023

Roast: Medium Espresso: A little lighter than blends like Simply Brazil; and Formula 6.

Cup Potential:

Aromatics: Nutty| Body Buttery| Acidity: Soft, relatively low and white grape|


This is a traditional espresso roast. It cuts through milk so well, that you could run this with oat or another alternative to dairy if you so wished.

From the biggest drink downwards:

In a 9oz Milk-based drink, this is a cozy, covetable drink more akin to chocolate than coffee. If you want more punch, reduce the fat in your milk by 1% (whole to semi) and the work will be done! There is a touch of the psychology behind whole milk dairy and espresso. Yet another one for another day.

6oz milk-based drinks. This is intense. More of the depth of chocolate, more nuts. I can’t get chestnuts out of my head when either cupping or brewing this in espresso. There is a little dry twist on the finish too.

Espresso: Dark chocolate, chestnut, savoury, and a long lingering white winey acidity.

The Physical Espresso recipe :

Based on a brew temp of 93-94C

16g-18g ground coffee/34-8g espresso liquid in 28-34 seconds around for milk-based drinks.

16-18g ground coffee/45-50g espresso liquid 28-32 seconds for espresso/ Americano


Farm Stuff.

Cafesmo is a group of 250+ smallholder coffee farmers in the south of Honduras. The average farm size is between 2 and 12 hectares.  The majority of the coffees that they produce are organic and under fairtrade conditions. For the record, this is not a certification that we seek.

Cafesmo was formalised in 2016 and has grown in what and how they process coffee. Cafesmo is based in a large zone around the hills of Mercedes, located in the very south of Honduras, a stone’s throw from El Salvador and Guatemala. Our plantations are protected by some of the country’s highest peaks.

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