Organic Caffe Naturelle

Naturelle always was designed to be organic for those who would like it. Without getting my sandals out and waving a stick in Moses fashion, Organic is a choice and if we are honest one of affluence or at the least a driven belief. It is no surprise that 80-90% of the organic coffee that we buy is not sold and certificated as Organic. This is for a number of reasons. If you have a Cafe’ or deli and want to promote a product (certified or not) and you want to use the “O” word, rightly or wrongly (you can decide)  you have to sign up to a certification body. This is because humans are generally devious and hence have to have processes that prevent dishonesty.  We then have lots of traceability audits and form filling. Organic coffee is actually growing and I hope it has its day.

We have been roasting Organic coffee for our trade customers for some years now. Several of our coffees are organically produced, traced and certified by the Soil Association. We only roast Organically on #OrganicWednesday due to the extra steps involved to ensure the process is fully traceable organic, therefore if you would like to order an organic coffee you may have to wait a couple of days until we roast it on a Wednesday, if you have ordered non-organic coffee at the same time we will send the whole order at once to save on postage costs.

For those who haven’t brewed Naturelle before, the ethos behind the blend is all about organic ingredients. In coffee terms, we try and keep THE VERY BEST Ethiopian coffee we can buy as the champion and then there are one or two base elements or carriers to elevate it. At the moment we are using;
Suke Quto from the Guji area of Sidamo in Ethiopia &  Honduras, the collaboration known as “Women’s hand coffee” from Western Honduras, near the Guatemalan border.  This change is temporary. Naturelle will revert back, just as soon as the new crop of Organic Brazil lands. I for one cannot wait!

We have always roasted and brewed Naturelle lighter, to elevate the citrus and clarity. For the best espresso, you can extract from as low as 14g into 50g as there is nearly always more sweetness with less coffee, in the next breath you can still make some great coffee using triple baskets and 21g’s….you just don’t HAVE TO up dose! Also in my list of growlings water is so important.


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