• Nilgiri Green Wilderness Chai

Nilgiri Tea Company Green Wilderness Chai

Imagine this, you are processing some of Mother Nature’s finest green teas. You are paying 7-10 times more than the usual price for tea in the region, in return for better quality deliveries of tea and adding value to this gem of an undervalued region.  Then you have an idea, What if….💡⚡💡 ? What if we dry infused some spices that are grown amongst the tea gardens? This would add another level of value to the producers and also be something unique.

This tea can only be available when the green tea has sat with the Cinnamon, Cloves, and Cardamom for a minimum of 5 weeks. The long, slow dry infusion makes this such a vibrant and refreshing drink…and remember spices aren’t just for December.

Recipe: 10g a liter. 80c for 3 minutes. For the record, there is no shame in re-steeping in my book. After the first steep the tea element becomes shy, but this is still totally delicious hydration.

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