Nilgiri Tea Company Black Tea with Cinnamon

I am going to pretend that you haven’t tried a black tea from us before to explain why this is good and different. There are many black teas out there that are picked with less attention and processed to the point where they no longer tell a story of where they come from in the cup. This is not a colouring of water exercise, by processing tea leaves to dust.  This is whole, fresh leaves that are handpicked diligently, under careful controls. Delivered to the Studio, where Muskan and her team of ladies (women empowerment  💪💪💪) carefully wither, roll, oxidise and dry the leaves, using their skills and specialist equipment. The resulting tea is mineral-rich, soft, and sweet on its own. The addition of cinnamon (that is grown amongst the tea gardens) is such a connected idea as well as being such a comforting drink.  Once again, nothing needs to be added to this.

The cinnamon has been dry-infusing with the black tea for a minimum of 5 weeks. Limited amounts are available.

Recipe: 10g of Nilgiri Black tea with cinnamon at 90C for 3 minutes on the first steep. Second steep, if you can increase the temperature of the water by 5C and steep for another minute.

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