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Mahlkonig EK43 Grinder

The EK43 is an iconic grinder that has changed the world of speciality coffee. If you had to have 5 items that epitomised equipment that made coffee better in the last 2 decades, this would be on most coffee people’s list. In the early days, I wasn’t the first to fall in love with the EK, however as time went by, I built up a collection, as I couldn’t let them go. You may be happy to know that I am down to just 1, that stays at work. Such a great piece of equipment.

If you didn’t know, the EK43 is known and loved because it delivers consistent particle sizes, which means that you can extract more flavour from less coffee.  With good water and an EK, you can get the best out of almost every coffee.

There are 5 main variants:

  • Coffee burrs: mainly for filter brewing but can extract espresso at the extended or finest end of the range.
  • Turkish burrs: Mainly espresso. Harder steel, harder wearing.
  • EKK: Coffee burrs on one side and Espresso on the other. 2 grinders in one.
  • “S” Models are shorter
  • Colours: Black & White or Copper.

I hope you enjoy yours as much as I love mine.

Due to prices fluctuating, we are going to make these available ona quote by quote basis. We will still be great value, please enquire if you are interested.

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