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Java Grinder Cleaner

Java Grinder Cleaner

Java Grinder Cleaner is a British-made product, from organic ingredients. I have used it across a wide range of grinders and found it to be really good and doesn’t leave as much residue as other cleaners that we have used in the past. This is important with some brands, as they are not things you would want to consume! Having said that, this is safe.

Burr cleaning is really important and works well with your grinder cleaning routine. Getting the build-up of oils off your burrs is better for coffee flavour and most probably burr and grinder consistency and longevity. I base this on the high RPM of burrs and a build-up of oils that will either become rancid, reduce how effective your grinder can actually grind, exit the coffee, from the grinder, or both. It all goes back to flavour.

There is no need to buy a whole load of this, as it is a little and often application, also depends on how much coffee you are getting through.

We also have the Java Espresso Machine Cleaner available here and for those that prefer cleaning tablets, we have those in 100’s.


As always, let us know how you get on.



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