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Java Cikole Estate Exotic

Java Cikole Estate Exotic

Java Cikole Estate Anaerobic Natural One Roast

Here is our second coffee from Troy Kiper,  former US Marine. As with our Sulawesi Toraja, we just got very excited to have access to such great Indonesian coffee. What really excites me about this coffee is that it is clean, quite unlike any other anaerobic natural, we have had let alone one from Indonesia.

This unique coffee is really balanced and can be so many different things in the cup. In filter, it is complex and deeply sweet and it can then become something very different in espresso.

Troy is really happy to see his coffee getting out to new places, so if you are enjoying it, please share it with us on Instagram. and we will pass it on.

Top Trumps,

Ops Manager: Jakub L

Region: Batu Lonceng in Maribaya.

Varietals: Typica

Altitude range: 1350m – 1500m

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Roast: Cool drop, (for development) light filter, very extractable as espresso with the right equipment.😉

Cup Potential: 🥣 Filter.

|Aromatics: Raisins, pipe tobacco, licorice root| Body: Creamy| Acidity Sweet and low|

In the cup, there are the possibilities of ripe strawberry, red wine gums, dry citrus, and a touch of cinnamon, herbaceous with soft cocoa on the finish. Over all, there was more savoury complexity in the early stages of the brew and more lactic, milky creamy elements on cooling.

60-70g a litre, depending on your brew method. 60g per litre has worked great in batch for us and 65g in a cafetiere.


This may well look like a light roast, but it is surprisingly easy to extract.

Espresso recipe: 16-18g in 45-50g of espresso liquid in 35 seconds.  Red Fruits, lemongrass, cocoa, salty and herbal.

6oz Milk-based drink: Rum chocolate and ripe fruits.

9oz Milk-based drink: Soft boozy and unsurprisingly milk chocolatey.

Farm Stuff

Cikole Estate is a wet mill that buys cherries from smallholder farmers in West Java. The coffee that produced this lot all came from old Typica holdings in an area called Maribaya. Troy adds “Typica is rare in Indonesia as most of it died out at the turn of the 20th Century due to leaf rust.  The vast majority of arabica we have in Indo now are Timor and Catimor hybrids”.

West Java is THE place for coffee innovation in the Indonesian archipelago.  Case in point almost a third of the submissions for Indonesia’s Cup of Excellence came from this area responsible for less than 20% of the country’s Arabica production.  Its proximity to the specialty coffee metropolis of Jakarta is one of the reasons for this region’s innovative approach to coffee. Cikole Estate is nestled deep in the forest, surrounded by villages where many of the farmers who tend the coffee live. Coffee is picked daily and transported by truck (for about 30 minutes) to Cikole.

Process :

Fresh cherries are received at Cikole and undergo hand sorting. They are not floated. This retains the maximum amount of natural yeast and microbiota from the field where grown. The cherries are bagged in air-tight plastic bags. This is when anaerobic fermentation begins. After a critical amount of time and a specific pH level is reached, coffee is removed from the bags and moved to the greenhouse for drying. Drying continues until the coffee reaches 10-12% moisture. A month later, coffee is sent to Bright Java’s mill. The last steps in the quality control are hulling, more sorting, and, cupping.

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