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Islands Hot Chocolate Powder

Islands Hot Chocolate Powder.

As I see it, this is a really simple way of telling the world that you know your stuff and that you love chocolate too. I wrote an introduction to Islands Chocolate: Here It is predictably crude and written with all of the enthusiasm that my 10 thumbs can bring to the keyboard.

Traceable chocolate, that is seed to cup and Single-origin hot chocolate powder.

45% St Vincent Cocoa

55% British Sugar

That’s it. 50% more cocoa than Zuma. Less expensive than their 2Kg tubs and tastes (in my opinion) much better.

There is no particular financial benefit to banging this drum. We gross about £1 a kilo on hot chocolate powder.

You can read all about Islands Chocolate here

If you haven’t tried this already and would like to, feel free to ask for a sample.

The recipe sheet is attached.


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