Indian Mooleh Manay Estate Honey One Roast

This is our first season with both a pulped natural (AKA honey) as well as a natural process from Mooleh Manay. My gut feeling with the pre-ship samples was proven so wrong as I was of the mind that may be, just maybe the natural had gone a touch over-board on the drying, but it arrived as perfection. The honey process here is crisp, clean, and complex too, so we are offering it in a way that more people can enjoy it. This is effectively a developed filter roast that comes to life as in espresso.

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Farm owner: Ms. G.G. Padmashree

Varietals: S795 Crossbred arabica, (very common in India)SLN 6 and Catuai.

Process natural; “Selectively picked”. Two words mean a lot in quality.

Farm Established (Changed hands):2013 Fourth generation farm.

Location: Banks of the Harangi backwaters; Foothills of the Western Ghats, North Coorg.

Total Crop potential: 15 tons

Roast level: Developed Filter/ Balanced Espresso.

Cup Profile:

Aromatics: Chocolatey | Body: Super Creamy | Acidity: Almost non-existent, sweet |

In Filter:

This has a strikingly heavy (Creamy) body. The liquor is sweet, herbal, and soft. Yellow fruit sugars on cooling with a really “chewy” cocoa aftertaste.

In Espresso:

Unlike the natural, this coffee, I feel is simply made for espresso. We have brewed this in a range of recipes and it just comes to life this way. I have been brewing this in a 1:2 ratio for milk-based drinks and found that longer extractions have worked oddly well. As always, we have taken this in milk up to 9oz to test for solubility. Also known as see if it works 😀.

Espresso: 17g of dry: 45-50g out in 35 +/- seconds= Bright, zesty Pineapple, green grape, and cranberry. Using good whole organic milk: 17g/34g (ish or just 1:2) 6oz Cocoa, Caramel, Carob |9oz in milk:  Salted caramel, lactic sugars.

Mooleh Manay has been modernised and is producing coffee with an environmental and quality focus. In the UK, Komal Sable and Akshay Dashrath are selling well-produced coffees from the family farm and selected coffees, from friends and neighbors too. We absolutely love this coffee and urge you to watch this space .


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