India Crystal Valley Red Honey

In the absence of Kanbile, this season we really wanted to have a “classic” Indian coffee. The kind of coffee you brew a litre of on your day off and just go back and fill your mug until the pot is empty.

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Farm owner: Mr.Mac Machaiah

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Process: Red Honey (This is where some of the pulp and mucilage is left on the coffee parchment when it dries).

Altitude: 950 Meters above sea level

Size: 25 acres

Farm Established; Second generation.

Location:  Biligiri village of Somwarpet taluk in North Coorg

Roast level: Medium Filter.

Cup Profile:

Aromatics: Sweet and chocolatey  | Body: Creamy | Acidity: Mild Apple and citrus |

In Filter:

On opening, Crystal Valley is nutty, like macadamia with a surprisingly intense and sweet red apple acidity. The texture is creamy and you feel it could block a straw on cooling! The liquor sweetens on cooling with a big chocolatey finish.


Farm info

When the father of the current owner of Crystal Valley took it on,  it was literal jungle. Mr. Mandappa was careful to preserve the ancient, tall trees. The shade they give, eloquently put by Komal Sable “It really is an estate of trees, and the coffee plants are their welcomed guests”. It is the same here. Working in harmony with the environment. Initially, they planted the usual varietals. When Mr. Mac returned from Isreal, to run the family coffee farm he started to inter-plant Brazilian and yellow catuai. This has worked so well, so far.

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