• Guatemala Finca Rosma La Pila Filter Roast.

Guatemala Finca Rosma La Pila

Guatemala Finca Rosma La Pila Filter Roast,

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Guatemala Finca Rosma La Pila

If I filled stockings for Santa at Christmas, this would be my (coffee) tangerine. That probably sounded better in my head! Finca Rosma needs little introduction, to big fans of the Cup of Excellence and coffee at the top of its game in Guatemala. For me, it was a coffee that I couldn’t just leave, without buying! It just had everything that I look for when buying great coffee. Clarity, body, balance, and character. They are all here!

On a personal level, I just could not choose a favourite between our fantastic Guatemalan coffees this season.  The amazing Catarina Ramirez and Mirador have been truly excellent in their own ways too and this isn’t our last one!

Top Trumps

Farm; Rosma

Lot: la Pila (The Pillar)

Size: 13.9  Hectares

Country: Guatemala

Owner: Dr. Fredy Morales

Nearest Town: San Pedro Necta

Region: Huehuetenango

Altitude: 1710-1880 Meters above sea level.

Varietals: Caturra and Red Bourbon

Process: Fully Washed and Dried undercover.

Roast: Filter Roast.

Cup Potential:🥣

Aromatics; Caramelised Orange | Body Silky | Acidity: 3D Orange|

Unlike most award-winning coffees, I have found La Pilar to be simple. When was uncomplicated a bad thing?  On opening La Pilar is like a silky, caramelised 3D ripe orange. Sweet and juicy, a touch pithy, silky body with a subtle dry citrusy finish. As the heat dissipates the liquor cools and the acidity (that was already balanced) becomes sweet, like caramel, and deeply orangey, with a little dark chocolate on the finish. I use the word orange broadly, you may hone in on Tangerine, clementine, or Satsuma. Right the way down to cold, this maintains the crisp clean orange heart of this coffee.

Filter  60g per litre and up, for body.

Espresso Roast:

This lot of Rosma really benefitted from a little more development in espresso. In our espresso machine, it was almost the polar opposite of the filter experience. From 9oz downwards, it was variations of chocolate, with an ever-more increase in citrus at the finish.

In espresso, the development made this a sweet orange citrus (as per filter) with some roast nut and cocoa in the finish. We have been brewing this in the standard recipe.

Milk-based drinks 17g of coffee into 34-35g of liquid in 26+ seconds

Espresso 17g of coffee into 45-50g of liquid in 30+ seconds. 93-94C.

These are broad ranges of extraction. If it’s quicker, slower, shorter, or longer…Please try it.

Farm info

In 1963, Don Alejandro Morales bought this farm, with old bourbon and typica trees on it.  In 1980, his son Dr. Fredy Morales inherited the farm and named it Rosma (short for Rosemary) after his wife. Back then, there was no road and everything was moved by mule. Alongside the community of Caserío Buena Vista, together they built a road to Rosma, benefitting the whole community. Bringing fresh spring water (5Km) to the farm was one of their greatest achievements. This has allowed them to run an ecological wet mill and also process great washed coffees.

Since 2010 Rosma has been highly placed in the Guatemala Cup of Excellence and been producing some incredible coffees. Here is what they wrote about it, at the Cup of Excellence in 2010

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