El Salvador Finca Malacara “A” One roast

Malacara is like a season in itself at James Gourmet. It’s a coffee we look forward to every year and is more than just another delivery of coffee.  We have experienced the highs and lows of the harvests, the shortfalls, and years like this one. Good, if not great news, this is a top year again, which is great for everyone in the chain.

With every coffee that we receive, we know just how hard it is for producers to consistently deliver good harvests year after year, and the trials with working the land and the ever-present challenges of the environment. Joseph/ Eppe will soon be in touch and we only have good news to share!

Top Trumps

Farm; Malacara A

Country El Salvador

Owners: Epe Guillermo and María de Los Angeles Alvarez Prunera ( Forth generation of the Alvarez family to run Malacara)

Region Apeneca Ilamatepec Mountain range

Varietal: Red Bourbon (90%) and Typica.

Process: Washed

Roast: Light to medium Filter. Works well (forgiving) in most water.

Cup Potential:

Aromatics; Apple/ malic| Body medium-creamy| Acidity: Sweet, yellow-green stone fruit|

When Malacara is hot, straight off the bat there is the sweetness of yellow/ green stonefruit and seductive dark chocolate. On cooling, the super clean acidity sweetens and increases. When ambient, there is lots of brown sugar, yellow/green plum, and dark chocolate/ cocoa. Lots of soluble, which means this can also work in espresso.

Filter  60g per litre and up.

If you like espresso on the bright side of things, then this could be for you!

Espresso: 17g in/ 45g out  30-35 seconds 93C as a minimum temp.

Milk-based drinks: 17g-34g in 30+ seconds. 6oz Flat white; juicy & dark chocolatey/ up to 9oz super creamy, lactic caramels and milk chocolatey (in a good way, not an almost invisible one).

Farm info

Malacara was founded in the late 1880’s when the first coffee was planted there. Over time, the farm became the family’s home, and then it was separated and split between siblings.  Today Malacara A has a great reputation across the coffee world.

The name Malacara translates to “bad face”.

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