ORGANIC Brazilian Fazenda Jacaranda

Brazilian Fazenda Jacaranda

 Brazilian Fazenda Jacaranda One Roast

This coffee will be roasted on Wednesdays as organics. Please shout if you are not worried about its certification, then all being well, we can roast it for you sooner.

This season we have 2 lots of organic Brazilian Fazenda Jacaranda. This lot is my absolute favourite and I hope it becomes yours too.

We started buying Fazenda Jacaranda in 2003. I have always had a soft spot for it and today, I am lucky enough to have Cassio as a friend. There was a gap in the middle where it became hard to buy Jacaranda in the UK.  By chance, I met Cassio in Pinhal (in Brazil) about 6 years ago and we have been working closely together since. He has opened the doors to new organic coffee possibilities for us.

Farm: Fazenda Jacaranda

Owners: Cassio Franco Moreira, agronomist, PhD, and his mother Telma Teixeira Franco
Region; Machado, south of Minas Gerais
Process: Natural
Size 150 Hectares
Altitude: 1.100 – 1.250mts

Selectively picked, and dried on semi-parabolic or covered raised beds.
Varieties: Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo, Icatu, Catucai

Scale: Anual production potential of around 400 bags of 60kg

Roast: Medium Filter. Great in espresso too.

Cup Potential

|Aromatics: Fruity |Body: Light-medium | Acidity: Sweet and soft|

On opening, there are the classic Jacaranda brown sugars and black grape sweetness. On cooling, there are some tannins followed by rich soft chocolate and some stonefruit.



This is a synch. Start off with 60g a litre and either tighten your grind or alter the coffee ratio to taste.



Based on a brew temp of 93-94C

16g-18g ground coffee/34-8g espresso liquid in 28-34 seconds around for milk-based drinks.

16-18g ground coffee/45-50g espresso liquid 28-35 seconds

From the biggest drink downwards: In a 9oz drink, this is like drinking a dark chocolate, brazil nut. Super creamy (helped by the appropriate dairy).

6oz Milk-based drinks, suddenly, from nowhere there is such a great boozy, blueberry ripeness. Sometimes Flatwhites can make things just “more intense”. This is just better!

The espresso. Like the best bits of the milk-based drinks and the cupping bowl above. This is juicy (not super sour) but married with this dark chocolate and Brazil nut is just stunning. Cassio has done us proud this year.

Farm Stuff.

The Franco family has produced coffee since 1860, originally at the Serra Negra Farm. Carlos Fernandes Franco inherited part of Serra Negra farm in 1969 and started Jacarandá . He died in 2003 and was always passionate about nature and a true ecologist (also engineer who made huge bridges in the Amazon). He was the pioneer in organic coffee production in Brazil and the farm has been organic since 1992. His grandson Cassio Franco Moreira started agronomy college in 1995 already having a strong organic coffee influence.

Today the farm is divided between Carlos Franco´s widow, Francisca Franco, and her sons and daughters. All of the areas are still organically managed but some coffee plots have been abandoned.  Today 2 daughters, a son, and the grandson of Carlos run several parts of Jacarandá with around 30ha of organic coffee being managed and a plan to renew  15ha in the next 5 years.

When we visited Jacaranda, the level of re-planting and reinvestment was staggering. Cassio is an optimist and a long-term thinker. Quietly, I also hope that Jacaranda does so well it wins Cup of Excellence one day, as a reward and recognition for the long-term dedication. Cassio wrote us a brilliant article on organic coffee farming in Brazil and climate change here if you are interested.

Over the last few years, Cassio has been investing more resources in processing and drying on raised, covered (parabolic) beds. Last year was a very good harvest, and we sold more Jacaranda than ever before as a single farm. Jacaranda also looked destined to do great things in competition.

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