Ethiopian Suke Quto Private Estate Natural Process Filter Roast.

Quietly we are roasting our way through one of the most delicate and sweet naturals in ages.  We started the triple process blend for Suke Quto, as you may already know:  Suke Triple.  This year, it’s really hard to call a process of preference as they are all so good. Adado is about to finish and El  Eden is running low too, this made me conscious that we had not offered you the opportunity to try the Suke Quto natural, which is all about beautiful processing from a single farm, that happens to be both Ethiopian and also from Tesfaye. Win, win, win.

Suke Quto Farm is in the Guji, area of Ethiopia

Producer: Tesfaye Bekele

Varietals: Kurume and Welicho and heirloom varietals

Grown 1800-2200 Meters above sea level.

Process; natural

Roast: Light Filter

Cup potential: This lot is so clean and delicate. Dried fruit sweetness (apricots, prunes). Soft sweet citrus curd with citrus linger. This is a coffee that hardened dislikers of naturals may even enjoy as it’s all sweet and clean. Some times naturals can have a waft of the farmyard about them, not this one!


We have been brewing this 60-65g per litre and it doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

Tesfaye grew up in a coffee family in the Shakisso valley of Guji know more known for cattle than coffee. Years later, Tesfaye returned to his home area, employed by the Ethiopian government as a Natural resource and Environmental protection officer. Between 1997 and 1999, 5000 Acres of forestry were devasted by fire and there was no education program to explain and avoid another time. Tesfaye had a mission to rebuild or regrow the area that was formerly forestry and show people in the area how. Part of the re-growing activity was to start growing coffee, to add to the diversity, which was the beginning. The uptake, to grow coffee was low, as the idea of waiting 4 or 5 years for any sort of return was not appealing. Tesfaye gave up his day job and started to grow coffee. When Tesfaye started to crop, other people followed and he supplied them with seedlings. The rest is history.





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