Ethiopian Aricha Natural One Roast

Natural process coffees can be many things, as well as crowd dividers. Processing has improved hugely over the last few decades, to the point that naturals are often as clean as washed coffees, just with riper complexity. Aricha is such a great example of a fruity, fresh complex coffee that you can brew in almost any way.

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Country: Ethiopia

Region: Yirgacheffe

Aricha Washing Station

Owner: Faysel Yonis

Manager: Adham Yonis

District: Gedeo Zone

Process: Natural

Varietals: Heirloom

Harvest: November to February 

 Rainy season: March to September with a dry month in May.

Roast; Light filter.

Cup potential.

Aromatics: Boozy red fruits          Body:  Light           Acidity: Medium; Citrus & stonefruit

As soon as the drinking temperature is near, this coffee is intense! Everything happens at once, like a positive assault on the senses. Frontend sweet grapefruit and gooseberry are dominant, cooling into subtle ripe blueberry,  lime, and yellow plums. The longer it cools the sweeter the liquor becomes. For a natural, this is incredibly clean as well as complex.


Filter Recipe:

we have been brewing this at a starting point of 65g per litre,


1-2. Longer extractions have been delicious, 30-40 seconds around 93C has worked really well. These also work in milk, if they need to.


Aricha Washing station has been revived.  A former deserted washing station is now a hub for over 1000 smallholder farmers and delivering some of the best coffee in Ethiopia. In the hills surrounding the station, you find four coffee communities; Aricha, Gersi, Idido, and Reko Onancho. It wouldn’t be right to copy and paste all of Trabocca’s work here, but if you would like to see the whole SUPPLY CHAIN, you can.

Although I haven’t been to Aricha, I know a man well, who has! We have worked with Trabocca since 2006 (?) and they are our main source of Ethiopian coffee.



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