Ethiopia Debeka Farm Natural process, One Roast.

Here is our first new crop Ethiopian natural of the season. I am putting this coffee up with reservations as it can be a tricky coffee to brew. We have dreamy water for coffee here in Ross on Wye, whereas at home we don’t. This is great as a leveller. If you have great water for coffee, this will be complex, fruity and like a cocktail of the best type…and if you have high minerals in your water this will taste muted and potentially flat and chocolaty.

Top Trumps:

Farm: Debeka

Owner: Isreal Degfa

Varietal: Mundo Novo
Processing method: Natural
The altitude: 1680-1950 Meters above sea level.

Roast: Light Filter

Cup Potential:

|Aromatics: Ripe, sweet, and “purple”| Body: Creamy| Acidity: Soft and sweet.

From the first sip, everything is sweeter and lighter than the eyes and nose have suggested. From the off, there are 3 groups of flavours. Upfront there is dark chocolate, sweet citrus and a ripe delicate fruity salad. As things cool a little, this becomes like a cocktail,  cooling all of the way through from purple fruit sugars through to brown (think figs and prunes).with a pronounced citric finish.

Filter recipe: 60g a litre as standard just works.

In Espresso: 16-18g in- 34-35g out Time: 28-35 seconds Ratio 1:2 for milk-based drinks. I like to extend my shots for espresso.

Once again, if you have good water for coffee, this is somewhat chaotic and brilliant in espresso. Within the shot everything is accentuated, floral, chocolaty, tart, red fruity and citric. In milk, as you can imagine this is wild.

About Debeka  Farm.

This coffee is produced at Isreal’s private farm Debeka. In harvest, the farm employs 100 staff and has 180 raised/ drying beds. What makes this coffee interesting is that Mundo Novo is a varietal, most known and grown in Brazil. Isreal visited Brazil and picked up 2Kgs of Mundo Novo seeds. In the early days after planting the seedlings were grown under glass in a one-hectare greenhouse. (That is enormous 4 acres of greenhouse). The coffee plants were looked after by computer agronomics. This is the second harvest and my guess is that as time goes on this will improve.  This coffee is like drinking terroir and processing.




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