• Decaff Mexican Nueva Esperanza

Decaffeinated Mexican Nueva Esperanza

This year, getting decaf has been a challenge. It feels like we have struck coffee gold here in flavour terms. Here we have a  Mexican Water Decaff coffee that brews like an African with the very slightest of hints of process. You would have to know, to know.

Top Trumps:

Farm: Finca Nueva Esperanza

Varietal: Typica, Catuai, Red & Yellow Caturra, Red & Yellow Bourbon

Process: Fully washed and then Decaffeinated 

Decaffeination: Mexican Spring water

Owner: Alan Greene Moreno

Town / City: La Concordia

Region: Chiapas

Altitude: 1201 – 1500 meters above sea level

Roast: Espresso

Cup Potential:

Aromatics: Citric | Body: Creamy|Acidity: Grapefruit, Seville orange|

Grapefruit, Seville orange, and black tea. This is a pretty intense espresso, that lets you know that you are alive, just without the caffeine. This is far from shy in milk too, just how we like it!


Recipe: 1:2 as a starting point 16-17g in 34-35g out in approximately 30 seconds.

Farm Stuff

New Hope Farm (or Finca Nueva Esperanza) was bought by Ricardo Baumann Brenner and his wife Celia Moreno in 1960. In 1973, Ricardo died and Celia became ever more immersed in the farm. To this day, the farm is still owned by the Moreno family. Inherited by Alan Moreno in 2010.

Finca Nueva Esperanza has built a reputation for great coffee quality and is also a model for “best practice” in specialty coffee in Mexico. Coffee is grown organically and there is an active regeneration program to keep up with protecting their crops from pests and diseases.

Some of the biggest challenges faced in the region as well as at Finca Nueva Esperanza, come in the form of climate change and labour shortages.

This coffee is Mexican Spring water Decaffeinated;

This unique non-chemical decaffeination process uses clear pure waters from the highest mountain in Mexico, the Pico de Orizaba. The process works by immersing the green beans in water to extract the caffeine content. The water preserves the soluble flavour components of the green beans, helping to protect the original characteristics of the coffee. To remove the caffeine from the water containing these soluble flavour elements, the water is passed through a filtration system. This produces a solution comprising the origin mountain water and the soluble coffee flavours, now free from caffeine.

The resulting green coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free



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