Decaffeinated Colombian Popayan Reserve EA

The first time I saw Popayan in coffee, I assumed it was tropical,(dyslexia is a funny thing!) like the similar-sounding papaya fruit. It turns out that Popayan is the capital of Cauca, one of the more recent sources of excellent coffee coming out of Colombia. Still getting coffee out of Colombia and also decaff at the moment is a great thing!

Decaffeinated Colombian Popayan Reserve

Label: Popayan Reserve

Country: Colombia

Region: Cauca

Process: Fully washed and then Sugar Cane Decaffeinated (natural chemicals derived from = Ethylene Acetate used to extract caffeine)

Altitude: 1600-1800 MASL

Varietals; Colombia, Castillo, Caturra, Catimor, Typica.

Roast: Filter or Espresso

Cup Potential: Filter

Aromatics: Caramel and toasty | Body: Light to medium|Acidity: Stewed apple|

This is such an easy drinkable coffee. Soft, rounded, sweet stewed apple acidity, some brown sugars, and a gentle citrus finish on cooling. Possibly the easiest drinking coffee in the roastery at the moment.Recipe: 60g per litre works nicely.

Cup Potential: Espresso

Aromatics: Juicy | Body: Light to medium|Acidity: Apple and citrus|

In espresso, I have enjoyed this as a quicker, tighter extraction than some of my more recent experiments. 17g into 34g as a starting point (or just 1:2) in 23-26 seconds. I like the juicy apple and citrus. If the shots get long (as I usually prefer) I find that this over extracts really easily.

In milk, this is a little like millionaires short bread.


Fam Stuff:

Popayan Reserve from Cofinet:

Popayan Reserve Program involves 67 selected farms in the department of Cauca. This program gives work directly to at least 400 people in harvest times. The 67 farms of Our Popayan Program were carefully selected, and the commitment of this program is to offer coffees that are sweet and balanced with a min score of 83.5 Points.



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