Costa Rica Volcan Azul H1

Costa Rica Volcan Azul H1

Costa Rica Volcan Azul H1 

If you didn’t know by now, I am more than a fan of Alejo Castro. Year after year he produces a broad range of incredible coffees that are produced to perfection. I like to think that buying from this farm is more than just more greens to fuel our roasters. We have both given hope to each other in difficult times and this season he held the prices of last year, knowing what the fall-out was looking like against the dollar. This means that the only increase that you will see is literally currency. That’s a big gift. I am not sure how many years we are into this virtual relationship but I am happy to be working with this family and farm.

This lot was my favourite of the main crop and I absolutely love it. Yes, it is natural, but as I will undoubtedly write below, it is seductively sweet and ripe and these things make me happy indeed in a cup of coffee.

Farm Stats

(Top Trumps if you prefer)

Farmer: Alejo Castro

Farm; Volcan Azul

Area: Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Established: 1850, 5th generation farm.

Hectares: 55

Altitude: 1540-1720 Meters above sea level

Varietal: H1 (Timor Hybrid x Villa Sarchi F1 hybrid) crossed with Rume Sudan Ethiopian Landrace Varietal.

Process: Natural

Roast: Cool dropped filter/slow developed workable as espresso. With a bit of effort, this is superb in both Filter and Espresso.

Cup Potential 🥣

Aromatics: Ripe, deep | Body: Creamy from the start | Acidity: Currants, citrus|

From hot, this is creamy with low curranty acidity and some good ripeness. This is would be best mates with Pedro Ximenez. As the temperature becomes more “regular drinking” a sweet apple acidity emerges. This is like another layer of flavour. A sweet subtle citrus finish starts to build….

On cooling this is immense! Big body, dark chocolate, rich brown fruit sugars with a subtle citrusy twist on the finish.

Filter Recipe: Due to the body, I just love this in cafetiere/ dripper. Proper Autumnal/ Wintery coffee.

Espresso Potential.

Recipe: All Change! You may notice that I go to odd lengths to use less coffee when brewing espresso. On this occasion, I am going all out and brewing with more! If this is your stand-alone coffee (the only one you are brewing that day, say) I would even turn up and brew at more like 94C and wait for it….18-18.5g of coffee and you will have something special.

9oz Milk-based drink: 18g of coffee into 34g+/- espresso liquid 30 seconds+ When cooling this is soft, sweet, and milk chocolatey. Carob.

6oz Milk-based drink: As above with the espresso recipe. Intense dark chocolate, ripe brown fruits, and a naughty boozy element.

Espresso: Go long! 45, 50 even 55g of liquid. If you aren’t attempting to brew coffee to partner with milk throw out the above recipe and brew cooler (93C) and quicker (up to 30 secs). Having spread that paranoia amongst those who brew espresso for things to work in milk (AKA The Majority) This works nicely into the mid-30 second range. White fruity acidity, some apple dark chocolate, and citrus.





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