• Costa Rica Volcan Azul H1 varietal, anearobic natural

Costa Rica Volcan Azul H1 One Roast

Costa Rica Volcan Azul H1

Costa Rica Volcan Azul H1 Anearobic  Natural

Hi guys, This coffee has been so popular it may well be gone by the May Day bank Holiday (6th May). When we get to our last vacuum brick we will try and let you know…

I have been saving this coffee in vacuum bricks for a rainy day when I just wanted the magic that only Volcan Azul can bring.

If you didn’t know by now, I am more than a fan of Alejo Castro. Year after year he produces a broad range of incredible coffees that are produced to perfection. I like to think that buying from this farm is more than just more greens to fuel our roasters. Like me, he is a long-term thinker and values relationships.

If you are half as keen on Volcan Azul  (as I am) and the ethos that comes with 5 generations and 150 years of producing coffee. This will not disappoint. Replicating this profile will be almost impossible anywhere else.

Farm Stats

(Top Trumps if you prefer)

Farmer: Alejo Castro

Farm; Volcan Azul

Area: Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Established: 1850, 5th generation farm.

Hectares: 55

Altitude: 1540-1720 Meters above sea level

Varietal: H1 (Timor Hybrid x Villa Sarchi F1 hybrid) crossed with Rume Sudan Ethiopian Landrace Varietal.

Process: Anaerobic natural

Roast: One Roast 

Cup Potential 🥣

Aromatics: Wild plum | Body:Medium  | Acidity: Both Tart and Sweet |

From the start, this is plummy and sweet like lychee, with a citrusy finish. As the coffee sits the levels of ripeness and booziness come and go. Jammy sweetness, tart acidity like morello cherry, with an impressive tanin-like finish. The hints of anaerobic are there if you are looking for them, but this, to me, is the most complex H1 we have had to date.

When ambient this has all of the sweetness and balance and the finish fades to nothing.

Filter Recipe:  I have been enjoying this at 60g per litre in batch brew and V60. It has been complex and satisfying.

Espresso Potential.

Recipe: 17g of coffee into 34g of espresso liquid for milk-based drinks. 94C and above There is so much soluble that I didn’t want for more. 27-30 seconds

9oz Milk-based drink:  When cooling this is soft, sweet with soft fruit sugars.

6oz Milk-based drink: Red fruits jump through the milk, and dominate the cup.  Some dark chocolate and a citrus finish.

Espresso: Go long! 45, 50 even 55g of liquid.  This works nicely into the mid-30-second range. White and red fruity acidity, with some bold tannins. It’s really intriguing shot.

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