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Costa Rica Coop Libertad

Costa Rica Co-op Libertad

Costa Rica Coop Libertad

Back in 2005, I spent a good 10-12 days with the who is going to be who of UK specialty coffee traveling around Costa Rica, thanks to Icafe and this crazy drink called “Cachaça”! It was an amazing experience and (the relative part, I promise) was tasting a certain lot from Libertad. Co-op Libertad produces some award-winning coffees and some that are just easy to drink.

With this in mind, for old times’ sake, we have this very easy drinking filter coffee that is a bringer of simple pleasures to many mugs! I will probably have to rewrite this, censored by the office, once again.

Top Trumps

Co-op Libertad: 490 Members. (294 men and 196 women) representing 1200 producers.

This Lot: Libertad Especial Corralillo Los Santos : “Freedom Special of the Saints”.

Area:  Central Valley (Heredia)

Established: 1961

Altitude: 1200-2000 Meters above sea level

Varietals: Various

Average Farm Size: 4.9 Hectares of Coffee cultivation

Process: Fully washed

Recipe 60-70g a litre

Roast: Medium Filter

Cup Potential:🥣

Aromatics: Sweet apple| Body: Light-Medium| Acidity: Sweet apple and Citrus|

When hot this is simple, sweet, and clean. Sweet apple acidity, sugary, and citrus on the finish. As things settle (cool) there is some cocoa and less of the apple acidity. When cool, this is as simple as when it started. Sweet apple, cocoa, and citrus. Simple, easy, uncomplicated tasty coffee.

The Coop

Coopelibertad was founded in 1961, at an important time in the Costa Rican coffee history of the Central Valley. Back then, the only coffee that was grown, was traded as a commodity, without the infrastructure of today. The National Bank of Costa Rica established the Cooperatives Department to promote solidarity instead of profit. With the bank’s advice, a group of local farmers held the first Assembly of the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Heredia in April of 1961. They named it The Co-operative of Liberty. (Cooplibertad RL). Libertad is about collective independence for small farms.

Today the cooperative has many services, that it produces for its members.

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