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Colombian La Roca One Roast

Colombian La Roca One Roast

Colombian La Roca One Roast

This lot has come to us via a friend who works with his wife, helping small-scale producers in Colombia. I was hoping for some great naturals, but the space they take in drying is often a deterrent for any scale of producer. This coffee is never the less, wild, fun and fruity.

Farm Stats

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Farmer: Jorge Elias Rojas

Farm; La Roca

Area: Armenia, Planadas, Tolima Colombia.

Altitude: 2011 Meters above sea level

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Anaerobic natural

Roast: One Roast 

Cup Potential 🥣

Aromatics: Red Fruits, Savoury | Body: Buttery | Acidity: Sweet, apples and pears |

A little like pommeau, La Roca starts with “I am more than just apple flavour!”. The ripeness of the process, brown sugars and a buttery, creamy body with a citric finish.  This is a mass of sugars, with pear and orange at its sweetest. On cooling, there is a layer of winey tartness, and stewed fruits with lingering cocoa. This coffee is admittedly still resting and there will be more to come…

Filter Recipe:  60g a litre is my go-to for this coffee so far.

Espresso Potential.

Recipe: 17g of coffee into 34g of espresso liquid for milk-based drinks. 93.5C and above. It made great espresso-based drinks with this coffee using a battered Anfim Pratica grinder, with 65mm hardened steel burrs. Nothing special.

9oz Milk-based drink:  Lactic sugars, some background fruit and cocoa.

6oz Milk-based drink: Wild and fruity, deep cocoa finish.

Espresso: Go long! 45 -55g of liquid.  This works nicely into the mid-30-second range. Cider sweet and sour, boozy, and wild.

Quick brewing thought with this one. Less coffee will give you potentially more acidity. More temperature (we found) softened the acidity.

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