• Colombian Finca Los Pinos

Colombian Finca Los Pinos

Colombian Finca Los Pinos One Roast

Colombian Finca Los Pinos One Roast

Buying small lots of high-quality washed coffee from Colombia is not the easiest pursuit for a host of reasons. Chasing fashions and adding value at source by inoculating coffee with every type of yeast and fruit known to our species has been a chapter in speciality coffee. Making sense of processing a handful of bags comes at a cost too.

Sourced by our friends working with a small mill in Armenia, here is an easy-drinking and rather delicious Colombian brew. I have been drinking this over the last week and it does little wrong.

Farm Stats

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Farmer: Sandra Yurani Garcia

Farm; Finca Los Pinos

Area: Armenia, Planadas, Tolima Colombia.

Altitude: 1940 Meters above sea level

Varietal: Rosado Bourbon

Process: Fully Washed

Roast: One Roast 

Cup Potential 🥣

Aromatics: Brown apple, stonefruit | Body: Light to medium| Acidity: Apple & Stonefruit |

Los Pinos is sweet on opening (in a cupping bowl or 3). If you are into apples (!) to me, this is reminiscent of a ripe Russet apple with brown sugar. The initial sweetness is met with a little citrus finish, that slowly morphs into a dry cocoa. You revisit the coffee and the apple (“fruit”) element heightens a little and there are more sugars that start like caramel and become like green and yellow plum. As the hourglass comes to an end this coffee is still intriguing. It’s not savoury, but it’s not all sweet either.

Filter Recipe:  60g a litre is my go-to for this coffee. There is more going on in a cupping bowl or cafetiere than a form of paper filter.

Espresso Potential.

Brew Temp: 94-95C

Recipe: 17g-18g of coffee into 34g-36g of espresso liquid for milk-based drinks 27+ seconds. It made great espresso-based drinks with this coffee using a La Marzocco Linea Mini and a Mahlkonig E65s grinder, with 65mm hardened steel burrs. Nothing special.

9oz Milk-based drink:  Unusually, the 9oz was the star. Sweet and appley, followed through with lots of cocoa

6oz Milk-based drink: Massive cocoa and dark chocolate.

Espresso: 45 -55g of liquid.  This works nicely into the 30-40 second range: Apple sugars, brown sugars big cocoa and dry citrus.  Theoretically, there is more to come from this coffee. If there is something I have missed, it will appear here soon. I have dropped my brew temp down from 95C to 94C and a few days more “coffee rest” and there is so much more sweetness.


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