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Colombian Finca Los Nogales from Maria Rosa Oidor Filter Roast

Here is the second of our two new incredible micro-lot Colombians. This lot from Maria Rosa Oidor, and is such a great brew. Maria is a Colombian coffee legend, as you can read below. It has been some time since I have got as excited about a coffee from Inza, Cauca. This coffee is just super sweet and will come home for at least one week!

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Country: Colombia

Farm; Los Nogales (Micro-lot.) “The Walnut Tree”

City: San Antonio,

Region: Inza, Cauca

Producer: Maria Rosa Oidor

Process:  Fully Washed -24 hours fermentation and dried on raised beds.

Varietals:  Tabi, Caturra & Colombia

Altitude: 2000 meters above sea level (On par with parts of Ethiopia and Bolivia)

Harvest: November to February 

Roast; Light filter.

Cup potential.

Aromatics: Tropical         Body:  Creamy           Acidity: Dessert Wine

On opening, this coffee is like tropical fruit nectar. Papaya upfront with a soft, sweet dessert winey acidity. On cooling some bubblegum sweetness and a long luxuriant finish.

Filter Recipe:

We have been brewing this at a starting point of 60-80g per litre,

Finca Los Nogales

This unique coffee is produced by Maria Rosa Oidor, the real deal feminine version of “Juan Valdez”.If you didn’t know, Juan Valdez is the poster boy of Colombian coffee.* (More randomness below on this). Unlike the male version Maria, runs the family coffee farm, that they bought through the proceeds of running a shop. The shop is still running, under Maria and her husbands’ (Antonio Pillimué) ownership. Their eldest son Robinson has previously worked as a leader of the local growers’ association, as well as being a well-known coffee producer in his own right. Her younger, Nilson, has also inherited part of the family farm and is working to learn all about coffee. Doña Maria, even at the age of 58, still takes a hike up the mountain every day to organize pickers and schedule the work for the day.

They grow three varietals on the farm. Last year they had an improvement grant towards planting some Castillo (variety) that is less susceptible to rust.

*Juan Valdez:

is the Poster Boy for Colombian coffee. Various people have had the job, since 1958 when the Colombian National Federation of Coffee Growers launched the concept, alongside his faithful pet donkey Conchita. He gets the job for being the guy who looks most Colombian, with the best mustache and authentic-looking, cowboy hat and all.


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