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Colombian Finca Las Brisas

Colombian Finca Las Brisas

Colombian Finca Las Brisas

You may have noticed the distinct lack of Colombian coffees in our offering this year. I have tasted a few of other people’s which have been good, but there is something that we are trying to do on a small scale, that isn’t worthy of headlines right now.

Top Trumps:

Owner: Oscar Javier Martinez Farm: Finca Las Brisas Farm Size: 18 hectares Coffee production: 12 hectares.

Area:  Jesus Maria Oviedo- Ataco Tolima

Altitude: 1603 Meters above sea level

Process: Washed Varietals: Colombia F8, Bourbon (pink and yellow), Castillo, Geisha, popayo and Tabi! Roast:  Filter.

Cup Profile 🥣

|Aromatics: Caramel, sweet and fruity| Body: Creamy| Acidity: Apple, citrus When hot, this is creamy with a comforting apple-like sweetness. Deep, rich fruit sugars follow with a citrus finish. On cooling the fruit sugars soften and point towards melon, but don’t quite go far enough. In the next stage there are white fruit sugars, panela, and that persistent finish, making this a brew of character.

Filter Recipe:

Based on 65g per litre. We found that there was much more sweetness and body when we increased the dose from 55 to 65g per litre. It was quite a long wait (in cooling) to get to the “sweet spot” when using less coffee. Roast:  Espresso Espresso Potential:  90z milk-based drinks. Those sweet fruity notes cut through 3.8% whole milk with ease. This is such an easy quaff of a drink. 6oz milk-based drinks. This is still fruity with the addition of cocoa and chocolate. Espresso. Wow! Like a clashing of giant cymbals, this is everything all at once. Sweet apple, fruit sugars, orange, and lemon. Pow!  (sorry Batman comic moment)

Espresso Recipe:

Unlike another coffee, I have been grappling with this week. Colombian Las Brisas was so easy to set up. 17g of coffee into 34g in 27-29 seconds for milk-based drinks. 17g of coffee into 45/50g of espresso liquid  30-34 seconds. We start brewing coffees at 93.5C (in espresso) and increase or decrease as necessary.

Farm Stuff

This 20-bag lot is a lovely example of high-quality production from a small farm.  Oscar has earned his place in the Glyphosate-free register. This is becoming a big thing in the developed world as the threat of chemicals passing into our bodies through food is no new problem. This coffee has been double fermented in tanks for approximately 24 hours (each time). Due to high humidity and to protect the coffee harvest, Oscar uses Casa Elba, which is an open-top drying space that can have a cover to protect from rain, as well as a parabolic drying area, which is like a poly-tunnel. Do you want to try the espresso version? Well, you’re in luck as it’s here As always, feel free to share your brews with us at JGCinstagram

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