• Colombian Las Esperanza natural process

Colombia La Esperanza natural process One roast.

Here is another gem, direct from John and Claudia; who have been stuck in the wilds of Tolima during lock-down. Oh poor them, I intuitively hear you say. This lot is a really fascinating brew, as it has all of the ripeness of a great natural, but also has this incredible body that means you can almost do anything with it, brewing wise.

Farm: La Esperanza

Family/Farmer: Jailer Ander Trujillo

Altitude: 1900 Meters above sea-level.

Process: Natural.

Farm size: 4.5 Hectares

Varietals: Caturra, San Bernado, Colombia F8 and Castillo.

Roast: Medium Filter. Roasted for Filter. Fully extractable as an espresso with the right tools.

Aromatics: Banana bread| Body: Thick and creamy| Acidity; Low and tropical|

The cup potential of this coffee is enormous. When you extract more, there is a little passion fruit potential and across cupping bows, v60’s and batch brew you have such a cross-section of flavours, from red-brown apple all the way through to mango. I took this home before the filter change and it was still delicious.

Filter recipe: 1;15/ 60g a litre as standard.

Espresso recipe: 1;2 for milk based-drinks (16-17g-34-ish) 25 seconds and up. For espresso we found, like many other coffees, it was better when we ran it 10ml + longer.



Esperanza is a small family-run farm, based high up in the central Andes, cordillera. The farm specialises in natural process coffees. The cup quality is the result of careful selection and hand sorting. Slight heat is applied during milling, which is part of why this coffee has a heavy, creamy body.

Colombia La Esperanza coffee farm



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