Colombia Finca Guacanas One roast

Exotic Limited Edition Coffee Alert!

One of the reasons I got into coffee was the sheer scope of what it can be. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to taste this limited edition coffee from 3 Brothers and it is the most interesting lot of coffee I have tried in a long time. As an example, I have literally brewed 1Kg of this coffee in the last 4 days, at the time of writing.

Top Trumps:

Owner: Andres Guaca

Region: San Adolfo, Huila

Altitude: 1750-1800 Meters above Sealevel

Average temperature range: 12-27C

Rainfall: 1.9-2000mm per anum

Varietal: Pink Bourbon or Rosado Bourbon. (You decide, I am not a fan of the word pink…)

Process: Carbonic Maceration, Natural

Roast: Light-Medium Filter

Cup Potential:

Aromatics: Cacoa & Ripeness| Body: Medium-Creamy | Acidity: Sweet, subtle, and citric |

On the frontend, the Guacana is all about sweetness. Mead, honey, and malty sugars. On cooling, this has multi-layers of red fruits (pomegranate, wild strawberries)  mad sugars, spices (cloves), and cacao, and hints of floral.

In filter, brewing in cafetiere, V60, or batch have all been delicious and the big surprise of all was putting this in espresso. It was a punt not a plan and is equally amazing. Possibly one of our top 5 coffees in espresso this year.

Filter Recipe: 60g/ Litre and up

Espresso: 1-2 (dry to wet) 26-36 Seconds, 93-94C outstanding in and out of milk.

Farm Stuff:

This coffee has been picked under strict control, to ensure perfect levels of ripeness, before being sorted by hand. For 64 hours, the cherries were put in fermentation tanks with Co2, then dried slowly on raised beds at under 35C until the specific moisture level was achieved.

Andres is keen to grow new coffees and experiment with processing. He hopes these developments will keep on delivering premiums for his coffees.


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