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Chapin Blend – Los Amigos Single origin espresso blend

We originally made this coffee for Colonel Grumpy’s coffee bus, over a decade ago. The premise was to create a really tasty espresso that COULD also work in cafetiere, but be RICH enough to engage a broad audience.
Colonel Grumpy’s coffee bus is ALL about Guatemalan coffee. The bus was rebuilt there and the bar inside was built by a family of carpenters, who we met in Guatemala some years ago now.
The reason this works and also why some people don’t understand it is that we make it using single farm, high altitude Guatemalan coffees. If you had the time to follow our itinerary of (Guatemalan) coffees you will see that we buy some of the best there are and these go into Chapin. This means you get a depth of roast with a good level of acidity. For some this is a compromise for many it just works.
Standard Brews: 16-17g into 45-50g. 92-94C.

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