• Trevor Hyam at The Plan Cafe' Cardiff.
  • Trevor Hyam at The Plan Cafe' Cardiff.
  • Trevor Hyam at The Plan Cafe' Cardiff.
  • Trevor Hyam at The Plan Cafe' Cardiff.
  • The Plan Cafe' Cardiff.
  • Morgan Arcade Cardiff

Caffe Naturelle Espresso

Naturelle is a very special blend for me, and since 2008, it has often been seen as my espresso of the day at the plan cafe.

Naturelle always showcases a great coffee from my favourite origin, Ethiopia, which brings highlights of juicy, sweet fruit, and floral complexity to the blend. This is then supported by more chocolaty elements from Central or South America, that provide just enough depth for this to work in a range of ways.

A relatively light roast profile allows these origin flavours to shine, and for the quality of the coffees to speak for themselves. JGC work magic here, by crafting something that has acidity and brightness that is not aggressive, but sweet, ripe, and balanced.

I tend to brew Naturelle at a low brew ratio in the region of 38-48%, and at around 90-92℃, accentuating the fruit, but the best results will vary, depending on your equipment, practices, and preference.

Beautiful with smaller amounts of textured milk, for our whole range of espresso based drinks, but I especially enjoy it simply as a straight double espresso, or Flat White.

And the In Season components are often organically grown too, which is something we like at the plan cafe!

Trevor Hyam
Head Barista, the plan cafe Cardiff 2007 -2020

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