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Caffe Naturelle Espresso

Caffe’ Naturelle Espresso Blend

Caffe Naturelle

(AKA) Naturelle has been with us for a number of years. For those who haven’t brewed Naturelle before, the ethos behind the blend is about organic ingredients and helping people enjoy really great-washed Ethiopian coffees in espresso.

We roast and sell Caffe Naturelle Espresso Blend as both Certified Organic Naturelle (see our organic section) and not certified. Most of the time the blend is the same for both versions. In coffee terms, we try and keep the very best Ethiopian coffee we can buy as the champion, and then there are one or two base elements or carriers to elevate it.

Due to the current climate, we  have kept back some Sitio Maranhao as it works really well and also avoids increasing the price.

Blend components

At the moment we are using the amazing washed  Suke Quto as the Ethiopian element. This is a coffee that has been a favourite of ours for a very long time. The carrier for the Suke Quto is Brazilian Sitio Maranhao.

Naturelle has always brewed lighter, to elevate the citrus and clarity, although this is still “traditional espresso” by some standards. Having said this, I would encourage you to try my recipe below and then “rip it up!” and brew how you like it! Brew it hotter, brew it tighter (shorter shots) and through doing this, you will specifically learn how you like it.



Depending on the milk you use and your cup sizes, you may wish to ignore the following! This is my go-to recipe for Caffe’ Naturelle Espresso Blend.

Base Brew temp: 91-3C

Dose: 16-18g

Milk-based drinks: 14-17g coffee in 34-36g (ish) in about 24-28 seconds

Espresso: 14-17g of coffee 40-60g espresso liquid 27-30 seconds

When brewing this super-fresh, you might want to make the shots a little shorter in liquid volume.

See who’s brewing Naturelle on our socials….someone usually is…




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