Burundi Murambi Hill

Burundi Murambi Hill

Burundi Murambi Hill

Here is our season finale of washed coffees from Burundi this year. What a coffee to finish on? This is the kind of coffee that is very easy to keep on brewing because it is simply delicious. You can either just brew this for an acceptable juicy cup or you can manipulate the flavour with volume, grind, and temperature and, as always there is no right and wrong in any of it. As a Danish friend once said to me ” The rules are that there are no rules”. This was about brown bread (Smørrebrød) and some traditionalists would say this is somewhat crass, however, the point was it is more important that you enjoy things than rigidly follow the rules.

Top Trumps:

Washing Station: Muramb i Hill

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Process; Fully washed and dried on raised beds.

Altitude: 1700-1900  Meters above sea level

Ownership: many small farms

Location: Mwaro Province, Central Highlands, Burundi

Soil: Volcanic.

Roast; Medium Filter.

Cup Potential:🥣

Aromatics: Ginger and marmalade| Body: Light| Acidity: Multi-sweet-citrus|

Upfront this is like lemon toffee that slowly opens up into a tea-like liquor, that has a sherry sweetness. If you have the patience, as this cools there is a mixture of tart orange marmalade and grapefruit sherbet. This is the kind of coffee that I just want more of, most of the time.

In espresso:

The shots are surprisingly complex. Super citrusy and bright. It’s a brave choice for a home espresso brewer. I would say it has high sweetness, but I have a huge love for acidity. Interpret as you will!

In milk  (9oz) lots of lactic sugars, slightly floral, milky tea.

6oz This is like creamy marmalade. Unusual but lovely.

Milk-based drinks recipe: 16-18g into 33/36g of espresso in 25-30 ish seconds.

Espresso 👑: 16-18g of ground coffee into 40-50g in 30-35 seconds. 93-94C works. You could increase the temperature if you like richer, darker more developed sugars.

Mill info

This coffee comes from Murambi Coffee washing station (CWS). This is one of two washing stations operated by Murambi, in the central highlands of Burundi.  The coffees bought by the CWS are from many smallholder farms and everything is red bourbon, which tends to thrive in both the altitude and soil. Our connection to this coffee is these mills have been working with two young brits who are carving a sustainable future, by paying more at source than their commercial predecessors.

Lead Farmer from this lot:

Elie Barantanda. Elie has seven children and 6 grandchildren. Last season he sold some 700Kgs of cherry to the Mill, from his 1400 trees.

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