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Burundi Kinama Hill

Burundi Kinama Hill One Roast

Burundi Kinama Hill

Just in the nick of time, we got this delicious coffee, from our friends at Omwani which, if you follow the link is a Bukonzo (Ugandan)translation of “coffee!”. Now there’s a surprise?

This coffee is deeply sweet and would quite possibly pass as a washed coffee, out of milk. If coffee was a season, then this coffee is like drinking mid-summer.  Tasting ripe like the peak of harvest, although this doesn’t have to drip down your face like a ripe peach. I hope you get the picture.

Top Trumps:

Mill: Kinama

Area: Bujumbura, Burundi

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Process: Natural. Sun-dried, Raised beds, over 28 days approx.

Soil: Sandy, Loam, Clay

Average farm size: 1-5 Acres

Average Farms per lot: 500-2000.

Roast: One roast

Filter Profile

|Aromatics: Citrus and stonefruit |Body: Creamy on cooling| Acidity: Soft|

From the first point of consumption (ie very hot) the soft, sweet acidity is just gentle, oddly like a perfect washed coffee. Deep, soft, ripe fruit syrup that is floral with a grapefruit finish. As the liquor cools, the magic unfolds. So much sweetness, with greengage, citrus, and pear opening up with just “more sugars” reminding me I am still drinking a natural.

Filter Recipe: 60-65g per litre

Espresso: This coffee was set up at 93.5C

I set this coffee up on a La Marzocco Linea Classic S and used a Mahlkonig GBW E65. The coffee tasted fantastic, however, this is going to need some top burrs on a home machine/grinder setup. I have also now tried it on a standard Niche home grinder and it worked consistently on “15” if that helps anyone.

Recipe for milk-based drinks. 17.5g of coffee into 33-34g of espresso.

8-9oz Milk-based drink: Chocolate milk, floral and sweet citrus.

5-6oz Milk-based drink: Intense fruit with chocolate. Maybe the 9oz was more balanced?

Espresso Recipe:

17.5g into 60g in 30-35 seconds. This is where personal preference comes in. I tried this as a short juicy espresso and it was too tight and sour for me. I extended the liquid and the espresso became more like the best bits of the filter.  There is nothing to say that you couldn’t increase the brew temperature, which could make your life easier. So, more liquid was more for me.

Farm Stuff

Kimani Hill washing station was built some 4 km away from the main Migoti Hill station. Moving the coffee cherries all the way to Migoti was starting to negatively affect quality, so Kinama was built to service the farmers on this part of the mountain. It is one thing to harvest coffee on a mountainside and another to move to start processing it 4 km at the end of the day. In this, first year, there wasn’t sufficient water to process coffee as washed, so we will just have to enjoy this fantastic natural.




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