• Brazil Tres Barras Filter Roast

Brazil Tres Barras Estate Filter

Brazil Tres Barras Estate Filter Roast

Brazil Tres Barras Estate Filter

Here is one of our favourite Brazils of the last few years. Alongside Maranhao and Vargem, Patricia produces fantastic coffee, that is incredibly sweet and easy to drink. In some seasons her coffee can be as fruity as summer pudding and in other years (like this one) it is more of a classic nutty, caramel, chocolatey affair.


Tres Barras Estate Coffee

Farmer: Patricia Mendonca
Varieties: Obata, Catuai, and bourbon.
Location: Sao Sebastiao De Grama, Mogiana
Process: Natural
Farm size: 59 Hectares; 40 of which are grown as coffee.
Harvesting: Manual

Roast: Filter Roast

Cup Profile:🥣

Aromatics: Chocolate and sugarcane | Body: Med | Acidity: Sweet|

On opening, Brazil Tres Barras estate filter is very nutty and sweet. I won’t bother you with my notes but I got a bit carried away with how nutty this is, albeit in a nut-free way. The nuttiness is intertwined with a caramel-like sweetness. To me, Tres Barras filter becomes a little malty and milk chocolatey. Easy drinking, tasty filter with a satisfying fruity finish. We have been brewing it in the office this week in batch and it just gets better. A real second cup of coffee.

Farm Stuff

Sao Sebastiao De Grama is famous for producing speciality coffee and is now recognised as a micro-region in its own right. Patricia and her husband Luiz bought Tres Barras in 2017 as a standard “coffee farm”. Patrícia made a big career shift and bought the farm to produce high-quality speciality coffees and live closer to nature. Their goal is to explore the exceptional flavours that their coffees can bloom, based on responsible and careful production.

For the record (you can laugh at me if you like! I have) it turns out that Tres Barras means 3 bars in Spanish. Barra in Portuguese means a geographic formation that occurs close to the water, like a small beach. I asked Patrícia about the farm name and she said that her husband Luiz named it this way because his grandfather had a farm named Tres Barras when he was a boy. They sold the first “Tres Barras” many years ago, but when Luiz bought his piece of land he named it honouring his childhood memory.

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