• Brazil Sitio Aguas Claras

Brazil Sitio Aguas Claras One Roast

Brazil Sitio Aguas Claras One Roast

Brazil Sitio Aguas Claras

Here is a new farm for us at JGC! 2024. Sitio Aguas Claras comes to us from a coffee dynasty. Pedro and Roseli De Lima both also own Fazenda Campo Alegre, a bigger farm that is more commercially focused. This farm is run by two generations  of women and “helped”  by a  very young third.

Although this coffee is technically an anaerobic natural, it tastes clean, sweet and chocolatey.

I feel at an advantage having brewed this coffee over the last week, with (deliberate) worst-of setups at home, and having some wonderful toys in the roastery.

Farm Stats

(Top Trumps if you prefer)

Farmers: Roseli De Lima, Daughter Prescila and granddaughter Betina.

Area: Albertina, on the border of South Minas and Espirito Santo do Pinhal

Altitude: 900 Meters above sea level.

Farm Size: 55 Hectares, 10 of which are under coffee cultivation

Harvest: By hand

Varietals: Arara 78

Process: Anaerobic fermentation 5 days, Dried on the patio.

Roast: One Roast

Cup Potential 🥣

Aromatics: Chocolate, malty, fruity| Body: Medium-creamy | Acidity: Low and deep|

Upfront Aguas Claras, is very chocolatey with a promise of soft fruit. As the coffee cools, the soft ripe fruit sugars gently emerge. Think subtle ripe pear and blueberry (always artistic license with that one). Over the remaining minutes of the cupping hour, dark chocolate and cocoa prevail. This is such an easy, tasty brew. I am still drinking it at home, in between Burundis.

Filter Recipe: This is a great filter brew. 60g per litre in batch has been super-tasty and equally great in espresso.

Espresso Potential.

Recipe:16-18g into 32-36g of espresso liquid in 28-30 seconds. 95+C seems to work for milk-based drinks.

9oz Milk-based drink: Creamy Malted Chocolate.

6oz Milk-based drink: Deeper, darker chocolate.

Espresso: We brewed this at both 94 and 96C. I preferred the hotter brew, as I felt there was more depth of super soft, sweet soft fruit.

16-18g of coffee into 45g-50 of espresso liquid  28-36 seconds.

Local/ Farm Info

Sitio Aguas Claras. comes to us via friends of friends. Our friend and facilitator Thais (who seems to know almost everyone in coffee in Espirito Santo do Pinhal) went to school with Cintia, one of Roseli and Pedro de Lima’s 3 daughters. Cintia graduated as an architect and Priscila and Stefani successfully trained to become agricultural engineers, like Pedro. Aguas Claras is less than half an hour away from the family home in Pinhal.

Roseli and Prescila are hands-on, artisanal, with Sitio Aguas Claras. There will be a change this season, it will be a “mother, daughter and granddaughter adventure” since Priscila had a girl, Betina, 6 months ago.

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