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Here is a coffee that is going to save our Christmas! It already is, as our store has a void in it, shaped a lot like Brazil. In the chaotic times, we are in, we had to commit to a new farm that will tide us through until our regular coffees arrive from our friends in Brazil.  The only way to see this is an opportunity. We also have an incredible harvest on the way in. Win, win!

This coffee has been interesting to roast, not because of the anaerobic natural process, but more because we knew there was more to come from it in terms of flavour.   Our hope is that you find this coffee easy, unchallenging, and the coffee equivalent of a warm overcoat in the bitter cold of winter.

Top Trumps

Producer: Lazaro Riberio

Farm: Congonhas

Area: Cerrado

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Altitude: 950 Meters above sea level

Roast: Light filter, cool dropped for development.

Cup potential:


|Aromatics: Ripe and fruity | Body: Light-medium | Acidity: Soft low acidity- overall impressive for a Brazil|

On the first take, this coffee is really different from anything we have roasted or brewed for a while. On opening, there is a malic (broadly speaking yellow and white) fruity acidity, that builds up to a point of maximum sweetness. The chocolatey element goes from being shy and milky to deeper and darker and drier, which twists into a boozy chocolate liqueur.


This coffee has tremendous soluble or strength (if you prefer?) from the very lightest roast. The relatively subtle yet complex filter punches above its weight. In short shots, 1:2 for milk-based drinks is a natural and easy place to start. Due to the light level of roast and the way we used to get development with the coffee, we feel that slightly longer extractions will work best. Easily cutting through a 9oz milk-based drink, a little like a liquid aero bar ( thank you, Duane)  Running the same shot in 5-6oz this is like one of those chocolates that are super high in cocoa content. Properly cosy, dark chocolate. Late seconds (28+) and up works really effortlessly. Big flavour. In espresso just stretching that ratio a bit 1:3 (17g of coffee-50g of espresso) is for me the big reveal. This is the coffee that we have been looking for since it came through the door. Intensely juicy on the front end with a multitude of cocoas, cacaos, and chocolates.


Farm Stuff

Lazaro got into coffee as a hobby. The love of coffee has now taken hold and has become a full-time commitment. 70% of Lazaro’s production is focused on specialty coffee. This quality comes from the management of seedlings, varieties, management, harvesting, and post-harvest. Lazaro’s son, Gustavo has the same passion and has worked with his father from a young age.

Fazenda Congonhas holds certifications for Rainforest Aliance and Certifica Minas.




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