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Don’t worry this is anything but a “Where to invest money wisely”, but more of a “Don’t leave everything to the kids in the will and buy some nice coffee toys every so often”.  If you make a lot of coffee or even just like making coffee a lot, little things can just enhance the experience. So in this spirit, just for you, (AKA me) I bought a set of rather nice scales. Big digital display, rubber mat to protect the scale pan and an app (if you prefer to read what the scale is saying from your smartphone.)

Like almost any modern instruction book, it’s a bit wrong and wordy. However, I am really liking these. A lot. I don’t know if they are more valuable (8x more) to making coffee at home than the standard £18 version (These usually retail for £100+VAT) however in terms of feel and luxury, they are on point…oh and did I mention? No need to buy batteries for as long as these scales work/live as they are USB chargable.