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Chocolate powder

It turns out that even chocolate in powder form comes from somewhere, and although it has previously been a box-ticking exercise things have just got a lot more interesting. Whilst we have always wanted to offer the best of what is available, most powdered chocolate goes through all sorts of processing to look more like cocoa. This is often referred to as alkalization. If you are feeling all scientific, you could look here.

If you take the trouble to look at the contents of most chocolate powders, they usually have about 70% of anonymous sugar. If you are lucky, you might have a vegetarian or even Vegan sign. I am not a practicing vegan, however, I do like to know where my protein comes from.

As Zuma price is increasing we have started to look at things a little more carefully. 33% or anonymous South American cocoa and 67% sugar. We feel it’s time we do better and here it is.

Islands Chocolate.

If I was to say “Islands In the Stream”, you may not get that Kenny and Dolly thing out of your head, but you will remember the name of this awesome incredible chocolate powder, which happens to be:

45% St Vincent Islands Cocoa

55% British Sugar.

Vegan. Vegetarian. Sustainable. tastes as good in oat milk as it does cow.

This is literally a no-brainer. This tastes amazing and you will be able to associate with both this great heartwarming story, have some of the best hot chocolate around and where did this start off in the UK? with Michelin star restaurants…

As it says on the bag, “Seed to cup, Single origin chocolate”. Just so that you are aware. We gross about £1 a kilo on hot chocolate powder. This is not about our bottom line. This is enabling you guys to be forward-thinking and have the best chocolate of the moment.

The Islands Story and website is : here

You can buy it too,

I am thinking that high-quality 45% cocoa Hot Chocolate hasn’t been sold widely before as the assumption has always been that people (crowds) don’t like quality. What a thought… I am of the mind that people like nice things but don’t always want to pay premiums for them. This is a chocolate conversation, not truffles say…